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Past BHS Graduates
Scholarships for current college students are at the end of the scholarship list.
Click the Link below to create an account on Going Merry.  Going Merry is a free and secure service for single application scholarships and streamlining the FAFSA application process!!
Oregon Goes to College Scholarship Site (click below)  100's of searchable scholarships available! 
Oregon goes to College
Important Links: Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)
   Single application for hundreds of Oregon scholarships!
   National Scholarship Site run by  Great source of vetted scholarships and career/job information Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
   Federal application for financial aid, required for most scholarships and financial aid 
Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative
Opens August 2, 2021
Opens September 1, 2021

Elks Legacy Scholarship (Click Here) Closes February 7, 2022

Opens September 13, 2021
Opens October 1, 2021
Closes October 8, 2021
Opens October 11, 2021
Closes October 15, 2021
Women's Ministries Scholarship Program (Click Here)
Closes October 19, 2021
Heisman High School Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes October 25, 2021
Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarships (Click Here)
Horatio Alger State Scholarships (Click Here)
Closes October 30, 2021
NACME Scholarships (Click Here)
The Cooke College Scholarship Program (Click Here)
Closes October 31, 2021
Coca-Cola Scholars Program (Click Here)
Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship (Click Here)
Pursuing a Positive Impact Scholarship (Click Here)
Turn into Mr. Thomas
Elks: Emergency Educational Grants (Click Here)
Opens November 1, 2021
Must complete FAFSA and register an OSAC account to apply.  Grant is for 2 years of funding  for community college even if your plan is to transfer to a 4 year institution after attending community college
Complete FAFSA and list Oregon based a licensed school of barbering, hair design, cosmetology, or manicure in Oregon. You will be automatically entered into grant program consideration.
Closes November 1, 2021
Closes November 14, 2021
Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards (Click Here)
Closes November 15, 2021
Closes November 30, 2021
Closes December 1, 2021
Closes December 14, 2021
Closes December 31, 2021
Free Speech Essay Contest (Click Here)
Opens January 1, 2022
Auto Ranch Foundation Scholarship (Click Here) Closes March 31, 2022
Closes January 1, 2022
Celebrate The West High School Art Competition (Click Here)
Closes January 7, 2022
Scholastic Writing Awards - Oregon Art Region (Click Here)
Closes January 11, 2022
Closes January 31, 2022
Closes February 1, 2022
Closes February 7, 2022
Closes February 8, 2022
Closes February 14, 2022
Closes February 15, 2022
Oregon Auxiliary Scholarship (See Mr. Thomas)
Closes February 21, 2022
Closes February 22, 2022
All required documents and recommendations must be submitted!
Closes February 23, 2022
Opens February 28, 2022
Closes March 1, 2022
OSAC Scholarships including: 
Clark H. JoAnn Carnes, Chandler Scholars, Geiser-Pollman, Harold Alfred Wyatt Scholarship, JW Stuchell, Kelly Ebell, Nadie E. Strayer
Closes March 13, 2022
Opens March 15, 2022
Closes March 15, 2022
Closes March 16, 2022
OASSA Youth Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes March 17, 2022
Closes March 18, 2022
Closes March 30, 2022
Closes March 31, 2022
Closes April 1, 2022
Closes April 10, 2022
Closes April 13, 2022
Eastern Oregon Women of Agriculture (Click Here)
Closes April 14, 2022
Northeast Oregon Home Builders Association Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes April 15, 2022
Baker Education Association Scholarship (Click Here)
OSU: Rosemary Poole Rouse Scholarship (Click Here)
Soroptimist International of Baker County
Stewart Sullivan Scholarship (Click Here)
Baker County 4-H Leaders Association (Click Here)
Baker County Cattlewomen Livestock Association (Click Here)
Cockram Memorial Scholarship (Click Here)
FBLA NLC Scholarship (Click Here)
FBLA Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes April 27, 2022
Captain Kevin Kyle Mosley Private Pilot Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes April 28, 2022
Norris E. Dodd Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes April 30, 2022
Oregon Association of Nurseries Scholarships (Click Here)
Closes May 1, 2022
SPC Mabry James Anders Memorial Foundation Scholarship (Click Here)
Dr. Martinez "Brace Face" Scholarship (Click Here)
Renaissance Scholars Program (Click Here)
Closes May 5, 2022
The Renaissance Foundation For First Generation College Students (Click Here)
Closes May 16, 2022
CROSSROADS CARNEGIE ART Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes May 18, 2022
The Coach Ray Athletic Fund (Click Here)
Closes June 4, 2022
OASBO Promising Futures Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes June 15, 2022
Horatio Alger Association CTE Scholarship (Click Here)
Closes July 15, 2022
Baker County Livestock Producers Foundation Scholarship Baker County 4-H (Click Here)
Current College Student Scholarship
Opens October 1, 2021
Scholarship is for graduates of Baker High School that have 2 years of college or higher education completed.  This scholarship uses the same application as the other Chapter AX PEO scholarships.
Opens November 1, 2021
Closes February 15, 2022 
Closes May 19, 2022 
Baker Graduate already attending college?  Check the bottom of the scholarship listings to view funding opportunities for current college students.
Not sure what College or University to attend?  Look here:
Not sure what College or University to attend in Oregon?  Look here: