Baker High School

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Joy Leamaster
Joy Leamaster
Librarian - Baker High School
(541) 524-2671

Welcome to the Baker High School Library. Our mission is to offer a variety of resources, both printed and electronic, for academic study and personal interest. We strive to create a productive environment in which students can produce quality work and be supported in their preparation for success. 


Because reading is foundational for lifelong learning, we encourage students and staff to read every day, at school and in their personal lives. Our library contains more than ten-thousand nonfiction books aligned with academic curricula, as well as a collection of fiction titles, many of which were selected by student request. 


The library, including twenty-eight computers, is open between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm and is available to teachers bringing their classes as well as individual students who come with a pass. Books may be borrowed for three weeks, after which fines begin accruing at ten cents per day. 


Various databases and other online resources are available at no cost for students to use at school and at home including our Destiny Catalog and WebPath Express. Additionally, all OSLIS online resources are accessible including twenty-eight educational databases from Gale, Learning Express Library, and AnswerLand. 


The Baker High School Library is here to help our students and staff. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 541-524-2671